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Simone Arnaldi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Simone Arnaldi is postdoctoral research fellow and research staff coordinator at the CIGA Centre. A sociologist by training, his main research interests focus on the links between technology discourse, social order and social change. His enquiry focuses on developing a social theory of responsibility and on investigating empirically how responsible innovation arrangements and policies are constructed in technological discourse and in organizations at the boundaries of science, politics and the market.
At CIGA, he joins various research projects, including:
- Res-Agora Project
- Synenergene Project
- Observatory on nanotechnology perception and representations
He recently published:
- Exploring imaginative geographies of nanotechnologies in news media images of Italian nanoscientists, Technology in Society 37, 49-58
- Responsible governance in science and technology policy: Reflections from Europe, China and India, Technology in Society 42, 81–92 (with GianLuca Quaglio, Miltos Ladikas, Hannah O'Kane, Theodoros Karapiperis, Krishna Ravi Srinivas, Yandong Zhao).